Chamber Singers at the City of Phoenix’s 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

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Dear ASA,

I attended our City’s Annual 9/11 Memorial yesterday at City Hall, and I was wanting to get a note to not only the choir instructor, but the kids as well on their performance.

Those kids literally brought me to tears with their angelic sound, it was simply the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard (and I was in band and choir when I was a kid)!

I had taken some video with my cell phone while they sang, and have played it for several people here in our office who couldn’t attend the memorial. Everyone I’ve shared it with was asking so many questions!  How big was that choir?  Was that a professional choir the city hired?  Some were just blown-away with their sound!  I’d pay money to hear those kids sing again!!  WOW!!!

I just wanted to share the experience I had yesterday, and to tell those kids…DON’T EVER STOP SINGING!!!  You have all been blessed beyond belief!!


Shelly Mirabito
Phoenix Fire Department – Support Services

Watch Video HERE.