Arizona School for the Arts

Office Closed- June 26th – July 23rd, 2018

Arts Philosophy

The arts program at ASA is a conservatory-based approach to the study of and engagement in the performing arts.  Students choose a focus in music, theatre, or ballet as part of their studies.  The hallmark of the ASA vision is the opportunity for students to work with professional artists as part of the core curriculum. ASA arts teachers are unique in public education as they are content area experts and hold degrees (mostly master’s and PhD’s) in their specific area.  They bring to the classroom the expertise and real-life experiences as an artist/performer.  ASA has an unparalleled model in arts education.  Every student is provided with a choice of comprehensive curriculum in all areas of study in the performing arts, which culminates in the junior year when each student chooses a “major” in the arts area in which they gain mastery. 

ASA places students in arts classes according to skill rather than age/grade level.  Faculty and Administration have the sole authority to determine placement and promotion in arts classes. 

 Middle School Arts 5th-8th grade

All new and returning students are reviewed annually for correct class placement. Placement in the appropriate level of ballet and/or music class is determined by the arts faculty and by the Administration. Students in 5th–8th grade take piano as part of their academic program. All middle school students study choral arts and choose ballet, theatre, or an instrument as their second arts. The curriculum is designed to help students develop habits of regular practice, focused concentration, and team work.

High School Arts 9th-12th grade

All new and returning student placements are reviewed annually for correct classroom placement. The high school arts curriculum encompasses three performing arts areas: music, theatre, and ballet. Ballet fulfills the 2-credit arts requirement each year.