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College Counseling

Welcome to ASA's College Counseling Program



College Counseling Mission

To guide students to discover and develop their interests and skills in order to create a college or career plan that supports their personal strengths and goals.


College Counseling Goals

To work with each student and family individually in order to make students aware of the options available for college. We focus on helping find a college match that:

  • Academically challenges the student,
  • Aligns with their interests, values, & career goals and
  • Is an institution where they will grow and thrive personally

To provide resources so that all families are equipped and informed in the college process. These are to include areas such as self-assessment, time management, standardized testing, college selection, applications, and financial aid /scholarships.


College Counseling Objectives


The objectives of our college counseling program are to:


Self Assessment

  • Identify student needs, goals, and priorities for college
  • Help develop an activity/awards high school resume
  • Advise students on extracurricular /summer programs and internships
  • Help students create and maintain an Education Career Action Plan (ECAP) account through AZCIS

Time Management

  • Provide a timeline of the college search and application process
  • Supply support for students needing additional guidance in managing deadlines

Standardized Testing

  • Develop a plan and timeline for standardized tests
  • Provide test preparation resources for the SAT and ACT

College Selection

  • Arrange for colleges to visit the ASA campus
  • Help prepare an exploratory college list tailored to the individual student through one-on-one meetings
  • Introduce resources and research methods to evaluate colleges, careers, and college majors
  • Teach students how to research colleges, focusing on factors to consider in college choices
  • Help prepare students for campus visits and interviews


  • Facilitate the application process, along with deadlines
  • Provide information and feedback on the student’s college essays
  • Assist in identifying specific tasks for artists, musicians, actors, and athletes
  • Help organize the application process and support students in meeting deadlines
  • Write counselor letters of recommendation for required applications and scholarships

Scholarships/Financial Aid

  • Identify scholarship opportunities and provide resources
  • Explain college financial aid and application processes
  • Schedule a Financial Aid Night
  • Assist in reviewing admissions offers and financial aid packages, if needed

Workshops / Connection Points

  • 8th Grade - College & career exploration, including self assessments, how to use resources for planning for college/career. Time management and high school study skills.
  • 9th grade - Welcome to High School. Discovering your college pathway. In-class workshops during academic classes.
  • 10th grade - Introduction to the college process. In-class workshops during academic classes.
  • 11th grade - College Information Night - August/September.
  • 11th grade - Spring Meet & Greet during presentation week.
  • Financial Aid Night - 11th grade 4th quarter (Forms available in October senior year)
  • One-on-One Appointments for students and families.
  • Lunchtime Workshops throughout the year on pertinent college topics
  • College Visits on ASA campus & special off-campus events - varies each year
  • Spring Parent Panel  - for parents by parents to examine the college process
  • Regular communication through emails and Canvas announcements