Arizona School for the Arts

First Day of School, Tuesday, August 14th, 2018!

Academic Philosophy

The ASA academic program provides a rigorous college-preparatory education through a dual focused program that produces critical and creative thinkers. ASA students are capable of using creative skills in real world and scholastic endeavors. ASA students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them to be successful in the future educational settings and life beyond by ensuring their competitive edge for prestigious universities and conservatories.

At ASA, students work closely with a high caliber of faculty in a collegial and creative environment. ASA faculty are content area specialists and highly qualified, with the majority of faculty holding Masters degrees in their content areas. ASA faculty participate in grade level and department meetings, allowing the teaching professionals to create both vertical and horizontal alignment of the skills and content needed for continued success. The grade level team works to develop annual goals and priorities for students at that grade level to support students, develop self-advocacy, and develop further independence to help them transition as they matriculate through the grades.

The hallmark of the ASA academic program is the continuous study in core content areas of English, math, social studies, Spanish or French, and science. ASA students all participate in four years of study at the high school level to strengthen the content and skills needed to be successful beyond high school. By learning how to communicate clearly in both written and spoken forms, students further enhance their preparation for successful transition beyond the classroom setting. To that end, each student participates in a formal research project every year, culminating in a formal presentation delivered to a panel of teachers, parents, and board members. This presentation is a cornerstone of the ASA education model.

Students at ASA learn through the use of primary and secondary sources in student-centered classrooms requiring active student participation to demonstrate understanding. Classroom size is small, typically not exceeding 28 students. While students in both middle school and high school take the same core classes, ASA does offer Advanced English and math options for 5th-10th grades. Additionally, ASA offers options for AP coursework in math, history, and English; high school students are able to sit for any AP exams for which they prepare and register. All juniors and seniors are eligible to earn honors credit in all of their academic classes by meeting the established criteria and performing at the highest academic level in those classes.

The ASA academic program is ranked as one of the top schools in the state. The school consistently received an “A” rating by the Arizona Department of Education, was a past recipient of the U.S. Department of Education designation as a Blue Ribbon School, and has been awarded the Arizona Civic Engagement School of Excellence from 2013- 2015. ASA is accredited by AdvancEd.