Arizona School for the Arts

First Day of School, Tuesday, August 14th, 2018!


Exceptional Student Services Philosophy  
The Exceptional Student Services Department at ASA strives to improve the success of individuals with exceptionalities. Working with students in 5th -12th grades, the professionals work to advance the success of all children with exceptionalities. They are committed to ensuring diversity, caring, and respect for the dignity and worth of all individuals with exceptionalities is evident in all their work.  They accomplish this mission accomplish through advocacy, standards, Individual  Education Plans, Individualized Instruction based on specific identified needs, Remediation  Programs (Courses), Inclusion Setting, Resource Setting, and Professional Development for staff. They hold themselves to the highest standards of ethical, responsive, and accountable behavior exemplifying integrity in all they do.  The Exceptional Student Services Director and Exceptional Student Services Teachers take seriously the need to prescriptively address identified areas of academic and/or behavior deficits through the use of evidence-based practice and curriculum that focuses on closing the learning gaps and preparing our students for a Global Society. By employing forward thinking and sound decision making, the department members remain dedicated to excellence in order for students to achieve at their highest level.  

Stephanie Bortmas, Exceptional Student Services Teacher

Elizabeth Guzman, Percussion Specialist/ 504 Liaison

Jennifer Schneider, Exceptional Student Services Support Staff

Mark Vite, Exceptional Student Services Director/ 504 Coordinator

Bailey Williams, Exceptional Student Services Support Staff