Arizona School for the Arts

First Day of School, Tuesday, August 14th, 2018!

Theatre Arts Program Information

The Theatre Arts program is built around a challenging, relevant, and exciting curriculum where students have the opportunity to engage in meaningful work with professional teaching artists. The department is very excited to share the plans for some redesign of the ASA Theatre curriculum to be implemented beginning in the 2018-19 school year. Since August, the ASA Theatre faculty has been meeting to evaluate the department curriculum, establish vision and goals, and make recommendations on alterations to the curriculum with the following goals in mind:
  • To ensure that all students graduate from the middle and high school programs with a designated set of learning objectives and skills;
  • To scaffold student learning to ensure students are building their knowledge and skills, and teachers can plan instruction with an understanding that students arrive in their classes with these common knowledge and skills;
  • To use theatrical learning to develop skills such as verbal and physical communication, organization, thinking quickly, collaboration, empathy, follow through, and more that students can apply to any field they wish to pursue;
  • To better prepare students for college and professional auditions, applications, portfolio submissions and interviews;
  • To assist students in finding and applying their artistic voice and experience through a series of performances, productions and portfolio exhibitions based on classroom learning;
  • To prepare and launch the next generation of theatrical artists who will be equipped to establish their own arts organizations, leading to an increase in arts participation regionally and nationally;
  • To establish a national model for four- and eight-year theatre training with proven results and outcomes.


Some of the curriculum changes will be implemented in the 2018-19 school year and others will be rolled out in subsequent years as the department grows its capacity. There also is the possibility of adding a club for an area of specialty, such as Improvisation, if there is interest.

The theatre program also offers opportunities for all students at ASA to audition for school main stage productions.  The ASA Theatre Department produces a play and musical each school year for both middle and high school.  Students at ASA, whether enrolled in the theatre program or not, can audition to participate.  
Any questions about the department, classes, or pre-requisites should be directed to the Theatre Department Team Leader, Mr. Rob Chambers.
Theatre Arts Faculty