Arizona School for the Arts

First Day of School, Tuesday, August 14th, 2018! Reminder-- new dismissal time is now 3:15pm (4:15pm for enrolled in period 9 class)

School Closure Update

Dear ASA families,

We acknowledge that the past few days have been challenging as you await information regarding school closures. Please be assured that we are passing information to you as soon as we are able and as the situation unfolds.  At this point, ASA will need to remain closed through Wednesday, May 2 as we have been advised that the walkout will continue until a satisfactory agreement is reached. Once teachers see their concerns for educational funding addressed through the budget process, they will return to the classrooms. Should a proposal be reached before Thursday, ASA will notify families through email and also through robo-calls.  

As previously stated, ASA's end of year ceremonies and celebrations continue as originally scheduled including 8th Grade Celebration, Senior Recital, final exams and final days of academic classes, Showcase, and Graduation.  

Please note:  the theatre arts and guitar departments have decided to cancel the performances
​ ​
this week on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, at Longview.  They will reschedule another date when they have time to rehearse the students on their materials so students are able to show their best work.

We extend our sincere appreciation
​ ​
to all of you for your patience during this unique time in Arizona's history. 

Sara Maline Bohn
ASA Principal