Arizona School for the Arts

First Day of School, Tuesday, August 14th, 2018! Reminder-- new dismissal time is now 3:15pm (4:15pm for enrolled in period 9 class)

Teacher Feature - Adam Holland

This month's Teacher Feature is bittersweet. Adam Holland is our 9th grade English teacher since 2014 and current 9th-grade team leader. While we are excited for Mr. Holland and his new international opportunity, we will certainly miss his enthusiastic spirit and demonstrated respect and appreciation for ASA students and his colleagues. He leads with curiosity, inspires through his commitment to excellence, models kindness, and helps build resiliency in our students while having a healthy sense of humor. Mr. Holland has helped define ASA culture and will be part of our ASA family forever. 
ASA: What do students know you for on ASA campus? What is your special something that draws out their special something? 
Mr. Holland: I am probably most well known for being the teacher you are going to see in some kind of weird costume (be it my Shakespeare outfit for Poetry Out Loud, the chicken onesie, or whatever crazy group costume the 9th grade team decides to do for Halloween...this year we came to school dressed as Kiss)! Other than that, I tend to be fairly loud in the hallways, whether it is a proclamation of "Goooooooood morning, young lady!" or an attempt to scare a sleepy student. I try to teach students through my example that it is okay to embrace their passions, regardless of how nerdy or "embarrassing" they might be; my room is full of framed comic books, superhero posters, and action figures. Self-identity is something ASA students are constantly experimenting with, and I try to help them feel comfortable with themselves by being as open, compassionate, and uniquely "Mr. Holland-ish" as possible. 
ASA: How have you grown alongside our students? 
Mr. Holland: Working with students has forced me to grow professionally and personally every single day. In the same way that I am constantly challenged to be a better teacher, so too am I challenged to be a better person. There is really no better way to practice patience and empathy than by trapping yourself in a room with rotating groups of thirty fifteen-year-olds for four and a half hours. 
ASA: What inspires you daily?
Mr. Holland: The students and my coworkers inspire me every single day! I am constantly amazed by the hard work, dedication, and professionalism of all of my peers at ASA. And our students never cease to impress me with their capacity for growth, willingness to learn, and generosity of spirit. 
ASA: What is unique about ASA and what will you miss? 
Mr. Holland: Ever since I first walked onto ASA's campus for an interview and heard students practicing clarinet in the courtyard, I have known that this is a special place. ASA's commitment to both the arts and academics as well as its focus on the holistic development of students is something that I have never seen at another educational institution. I will miss walking through the hallways and having to carefully step in between students practicing a scene for theater, or hearing the sound of our orchestra's practice sessions drift into Main's teacher workroom. I will also, of course, miss every single one of our energetic, empathic, and artistic students!
ASA: Where will you be teaching and why is this new chapter exciting? 
Mr. Holland: I will be working as an Assistant Supervisor of English at a high school in Himeji, Japan, and will be teaching English as a second language. I am very excited for this opportunity to travel and explore and am hopeful that this will lead to future teaching adventures abroad!