Arizona School for the Arts

Office Closed- June 26th – July 23rd, 2018

Subscribe to ASA's new Student Performance Video Platform - SPiN Network

Starting in March, ASA families will have the option to subscribe to the Scholastic Performance Network (SPiN) to watch filmed ASA student performances. The SPiN Network is the very first fully-licensed subscription video service created specifically for school-related music performances. SPiN allows ASA to film and upload all of our student performance videos to the ASA channel.  This also allows ASA to upload previous performances (2015 Showcase for example) for parents to enjoy. As soon as the performances are approved, the videos go live and subscribers are able to watch.


Subscriptions for parents, performers, and extended family are $25 per year per household (which is less than the amount parents have typically paid for just one DVD!) This very affordable annual subscription grants access not just to the ASA channel, but to all of the performance videos on the entire SPiN network as well.


ASA has currently has over 30 different videos that have been approved and are ready for viewing.  There are many still in the process of being uploaded and approved.  By the end of the year, we should have performances from all levels and departments available. Highlights of approved, currently viewable videos include:

  • Selections from the 2016 Showcase performance at the Orpheum Theatre
  • Selections from the 2015 Showcase performance at the Mesa Arts Center
  • Band and String performances at the 2017 Music Honors Concert at the Mesa Arts Center


ASA has been filming many of the student performances this school year hoping we would be able to make them available on SPiN. We will also be posting most of the 2017 Showcase performance, once we receive final approval. ASA will use SPiN exclusively for Showcase in coming years.


To become a subscriber and start enjoying the amazing talents of ASA students, go to the SPiN Network website and select “Become a Subscriber to Watch Videos”.


ASA is committed to archiving our amazing student performances through the use of the SPiN Network. We hope, through this service, parents will be able to attend and enjoy live student performances knowing that later they will be able to enjoy the video as many times as they choose. Extended family members are encouraged to subscribe as well so they, too, can watch the videos.