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Teacher Feature - Ann Kaufman

Ann Kaufman, 8th Grade Team Leader and English Teacher, Celebrates 10 years at ASA!

ASA is very fortunate to have the passion and dedication Ann brings to our campus every day. We asked her to reflect on her decade as an integral part of the team. We hope you enjoy getting to know about ASA’s inspiring teaching staff in both academic and artistic classrooms.

AK: I think I am best known for being fair and student centered. My kids know I care about them, and I will always choose the path that benefits students instead of taking the easy route. My colleagues know me as a rule follower, but they also see me as a problem solver, which is a role I really enjoy.  My years at ASA have definitely helped me to coach both teachers and students through some difficult issues. 

I am sure I learn more from my students than I am able to teach them. My classroom is truly a collaborative environment, and so I am able to easily become a student in my classroom and learn from my brilliant 8th graders. 

My husband and daughter inspire me daily. They are encouraging and so supportive of my long hours and time spent emailing students/parents/my team members in the evening. I have also found inspiration through the experience of being a mother. Ellie is 5, and she is learning to read, which is so much fun to be a part of, but it also reminds me how important literature is to being a well-rounded and happy human being. Reading has always been such a passion of mine, and so it is inspiring to see my daughter's world open up through the power of books and words. 

I am committed to treating students with respect and exploring literature that relates to the world around us. I won't shy away from difficult literature or discussions because I think it is important for our students to be able to express themselves, especially when dealing with controversial topics. My students are amazing, and I work hard to adequately challenge them without creating busy work or overwhelming them with stress. I truly value my team, my mom, Dr. Brady, and all of my colleagues who always support and help me to be a strong leader and effective educator.

ASA has become a second home for me. Heck, I even convinced my mom to join the ASA family! Sara Maline has always encouraged me to find ways to expand my role on campus. Because my duties change from year to year, I find every year to be uniquely challenging. I love an adventure, and I have always found a new one here at ASA. This year, I have been working with a student teacher and mentoring new teachers on campus, which has been demanding but also incredibly rewarding.