Arizona School for the Arts

First Day of School, Tuesday, August 14th, 2018! Reminder-- new dismissal time is now 3:15pm (4:15pm for enrolled in period 9 class)

2016 Showcase DVD/Download will soon be available

Thank you so much for your patience as we worked to secure the final rights for the performance of our students. If you purchased Tresona Gift cards you will be able to use them towards the purchase of your Showcase download or DVD on the Tresona website. If you didn’t pre-purchase a gift card you can purchase last year’s performance directly on the Tresona website.

All performances are included on the film, except for a couple of selections that the mechanical rights were not granted from the publishers. We worked tirelessly to change this outcome. If your student performed in one of these selections and you pre-purchased a gift card, please contact Laura Apperson, ASA Arts Director.

Check back to the website in the coming days for the activated download/purchase link.