Arizona School for the Arts

First Day of School, Tuesday, August 14th, 2018!

Please Review ASA's Updated Drop-off/Pick-up Map (Attached)

Keep Students Safe and Traffic Moving

Please review the map of our drop-off/pick-up procedure (.pdf attached below). We are aware of our limited space for dropping off and picking up students and have devised a system to keep students safe and traffic moving efficiently. Here's how you can help make traffic flow smoothly:

Follow the instructions of staff and volunteers wearing yellow/orange vests
Unload/load students in the drop zones only
Unload/load students in a timely manner
Do not unload/load students on McDowell St or 3rd St. This is for their safety!

The church on Willetta St and 2nd St has requested that we not utilize their parking lot for drop-off/pick-up. Please help us be good neighbors by honoring this request. 
Update: Recently, the northernmost row of the church parking lot and the southernmost row of our west parking lot are only for ASA students with our permitted decals. Please do not use these spots for drop-off as these students need access to them.

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