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Central Region Festival

Hello, ASA!

 We are pleased to announce that we had a FANTASTIC showing at the Central Region festival auditions this last weekend! Students learned and performed professional level music, scales & arpeggios (band and orchestra), and also sang/played music at first sight (the oft-dreaded sight-reading!). As a consequence of their demonstrations of their musical talents and knowledge (& blood, sweat, and tears), the students in the list below were chosen to participate in the Central Region Honor Festival. 


Festival Dates: Friday, 2/17/17 - Saturday, 2/18/17

Location: Mountain View HS, Mesa

Concert: Saturday, 2/18/17, 2:30 pm, Mountain View HS, Mesa 

Concert order: Orchestra, Band, Choir


Here is the combined list of Choir, Band, and String students who will be participating.


Gabrielle Almeter

McKenzie Kyte 

Leon Kobayashi 

Possible additions: Derick Claes, Grace Dietz 



Isabella Biggs 

Thomas Garcia 

Helena Haber

Cody Kellen

Alex Mayer

Robin McDonald

Derek Rinsema 

Jonathon Salcedo

Margaret Shepherd  

Joel Uliassi

Kellen Vu

 Possible addition: Alyssa Gerkin 



Fiona Berk

Madison Coy 

Sophie Curlee 

Matti Goldstein  

Noah Gorman

Haley Harelson

Allison Harmon

Chase Lee

Jesus Lopez 

Lydia Milowski

Riley Morrison 

Emma Potter 

Collin Schairer 

Adam Schay

Nina Susich

Hannah Viquesney

Adin Warner 



Kiana D'Aubyn

Tom Dugan  

Martin Garcia 

Tamachi Goodson

Sung-Ho Kim

Josh Stoffel


Thank you for the support of our students!