Arizona School for the Arts

Last day of Semester 1/ Movie Day! Friday, December 22nd, 2017!

Theatre Arts Program Information

The Theatre Arts program is built around a challenging, relevant, and exciting curriculum where students have the opportunity to engage in meaningful work with professional teaching artists. The program focuses on collaboration, improvisation, storytelling, acting skills, play building, performance, creation, and design techniques.
Students in middle school can choose theatre as their specialty study. Space is limited. Middle school classes are appropriate versions of the similar high school classes.  The high school theatre program requires students to complete foundations courses that prepare them for successful work in their areas of interest.  After taking the required foundation classes, students in can elect to take courses in one specialization track or multiple specialization tracks throughout their study. Specialization track courses will rotate in 3-year cycles with a variety of classes in each specialization being offered each school year.
The theatre program also offers opportunities for all students at ASA to audition for school main stage productions.  The ASA Theatre Department produces a play and musical each school year for both middle and high school.  Students at ASA, whether enrolled in the theatre program or not, can audition to participate.  
Any questions about the department, classes, or pre-requisites should be directed to the Theatre Department Team Leader, Mr. Rob Chambers.
Theatre Arts Faculty